Open an account

Quickly and easily using your mobile

  • Open the account yourself online
  • No need to visit your branch
  • Fast and secure

In order to get a single account you must have an address in the Netherlands where you are registered.

1. Download the ABN AMRO app

You can open a Dutch current account as soon as you’ve moved to the Netherlands. 


2. Fill in data

Take a photo of your passport and enter the requested details.


3. Direct access to online banking

You’ll get your account number and access to online banking within 4 hours.

Before your move to the Netherlands

If you haven’t yet registered with the relevant local council in the Netherlands, you can leave us your details so that we can explain how to open a current account on your mobile after you have made the move. We’ll also send you useful information on living and working in the Netherlands.

Joint account or student account?

You may want a joint account if you’re moving to the Netherlands together with your partner. And if you’re a student, we’ve got a special student account that’s perfect for you.

Payments in the Netherlands

Payments and cash withdrawals

If you’re an expat, it’s good to know the best way to make payments in the Netherlands. Read on to find out more about the most popular methods used here.

Cost of living

Living expenses in the Netherlands

Want to find out what living expenses to expect when moving to the Netherlands to live and work? And how much you are likely to spend on these expenses on a monthly basis? Find out what to bear in mind.