Opened in a minute

Opening an additional current account

Different accounts for different purposes

Opened in a minute

  • Helps you to keep track
  • No extra charge for EasyPay Extra and EasyPay Max payment packages
  • Quick and easy in online banking

The convenience of an additional current account

You can open an additional current account in no time at all. Useful, if you want separate accounts for your daily shopping or fixed expenses.

Extras with your payment package

Your bank account now always forms part of a payment package. You can easily add another five current accounts to your EasyPay Extra or EasyPay Max payment packages at no additional charge. You can also simply request a single additional current account.

Iemand machtigen op uw rekening

Authorising someone to use your current account

You can give someone permission to use your current account on your behalf. This person is called an authorised party. The authorised party is able to make payments, but is not allowed to make any changes.