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Everything about Pinsparen

What is Pinsparen?

Pinsparen is as easy as using your debit card and as effective as setting money aside. Every time you use your debit card in the Netherlands to shop or withdraw money from an ATM, a fixed percentage is transferred from your current account to your savings account. You cannot save as you spend if your account is in the red.

Who is it for?

For private individuals

How it works

  • Percentage

    You choose how much you want to set aside. You can choose between 1%, 5% or 10% of the amount you spend.

  • Choose current account and savings account

    You choose the ABN AMRO current account from which you want to save as you spend. You also choose the ABN AMRO savings account you want the amount saved to be transferred to. The current account and the savings account must have the same account holder. This means that you cannot transfer the amount saved from your current account to your and your partner's joint current account. It also means that you cannot transfer the amount saved from your current account to a savings account in your child's name.

    The following accounts cannot be used for pinsparen: KinderBonus Sparen, Florijnenvloot, Jongerengroeirekening, Royaal Rekening, and all Spaar Deposito's.

  • Minimum balance

    You can set the minimum balance that you want to keep in your current account. You will only save if the amount in your current account is higher than the minimum balance. The minimum balance for the Save as you spend plan is always €0 or higher.

  • Maximum savings amount

    You can set a maximum savings amount. At the end of the day, the total amount saved is determined based on

    - the percentage you chose to save
    - the total amount of the debit card purchases you made that day

    If the total amount saved is higher than your maximum savings amount, you will save up to the maximum amount. You never save more than the maximum amount. You do not have to set a maximum savings amount.

Apply for Pinsparen

You can apply for Pinsparen if you have a current account and a savings account with ABN AMRO. If you don't have a current account with ABN AMRO you can apply for a package now. If you don't have savings account with ABN AMRO, you can open one on the Internet Banking page, call 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates) or come to one of our offices.

Change or terminate your Pinsparen

You can change your Save as you spend plan by filling in the form, calling 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates) or coming to one of our offices.

Do you have any questions or need advice?

You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates).

Contact us (in the Netherlands)

Contact us (from outside the Netherlands)

Before you know it, it's yours

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