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KidsFuture Savings Account

KinderToekomst Spaarrekening

Save for your (grand)child

KinderToekomst Spaarrekening

  • A great start to your child's future
  • Up to a maximum of 0.30% annual interest

  • Also for grandparents

A great start to your child's future

You can open a KidsFuture Savings Account (KinderToekomst Spaarrekening) for children aged 10 and younger. The sooner you start saving, the bigger the nest egg for your child will be. It makes it that little bit easier for your child or grandchild to go to university, get a driving licence or find a place of their own.

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Annual interest up to 0.30%

Your child or grandchild will always get the base rate, which is currently 0.20%. You will get an additional 0.10% interest if you leave the money in the account through 30 December. The bonus interest is paid out over the whole amount you deposited during the year. That's a nice bonus!

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Save automatically

Sparen zonder dat u er omkijken naar heeft

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