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Direct Savings

Flexibel sparen met een mooie rente met Direct Sparen

Flexible saving with an attractive interest rate

Direct Sparen

  • An attractive interest rate yet flexible

  • Withdraw funds at any time
  • Open and manage your savings account online

An attractive interest rate yet flexible

With a Direct Savings (Direct Sparen), the interest rate applicable depends on the amount of money you deposit into the account. You will now receive a 1.20% interest rate for funds up to €1,000,000. If you are intending on saving a sum higher than this figure, you will receive an interest rate of 1.25%.

Open and manage your savings account online

Want to start saving right away? You can open a Direct Savings savings account (Direct Sparen) within about 2 minutes through Internet Banking.

Withdraw money at any time

With the Direct Savings savings account (Direct Sparen), your funds will not be locked away. You can withdraw money at all times, free of charge, whenever and however often you wish.

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Save as you spend


As easy as it is to use your debit card, as hard it can be to set money aside. Although the thought of a buffer is quite comforting. That's why ABN AMRO has introduced a new way to save: Pinsparen - save as you spend. This plan enables you to set money aside effortlessly every time you use your debit card.