Change your payment package

From Extra or Max to EaysPay Standard

Is your current account part of a payment package? You can always switch to an EasyPay Standard package. Log in to switch packages and see which package you currently have. Switching is easy: your account number, debit card, PIN numbers and log-in details will not change.

betaalpakket wijzigen

Quick and easy online

If you have an EasyPay Extra or Max package, you can quickly and easily change it to an EasyPay Standard package online. 

If you already have EasyPay Standard, you cannot change it to a different package.

I also need a credit card

You may also need a credit card or have a payment package that includes a credit card that you have not yet applied for. See which credit card is right for you and apply for one now.

Open a savings account

Why not open a savings account as well? It comes at no extra charge! See which account is right for you.