Bank letter boxes for payments closed

The bank letter boxes for payment orders have been closed. Accept giros and transfer forms can no longer be handed in at a branch. Fortunately, you can still make accept giro payments and transfer funds (credit transfer) quickly and easily online.

Sending your payment order through PostNL

If you would rather make a transfer or accept giro payment in paper form, you can do so by using the ABN AMRO envelopes and posting them in a PostNL letter box (no stamp required). This is cheaper than using your own non-prepaid envelope. This is the address: 


P.O. Box 77777 


Requesting Internet Banking access

Securely manage your banking affairs online using Internet Banking. All from the comfort of your own home. Apply for Internet Banking today.


Making an acceptgiro payment

  1. Log in to Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking app. 
  2. Create a new transfer. 
  3. A reference will be given on your accept giro. Enter this under ‘Payment reference’. 
  4. View the summary and submit the transfer.
Acceptgiro betalen door te scannen met tablet