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Phone scam

may call you directly, posing as a bank employee. They may claim to be calling from our fraud desk, for example. There are also scammers who pose as someone from a well-known company, such as Microsoft. Keep reading to find out more about phone scammers’ modus operandi.


Scammers’ modus operandi

Scammers may call posing as an employee of your bank. The fake bank employee will then say that there is a problem with your current account. It may have been hacked, for example, or they have spotted suspicious transactions. This is not true. It is just a way for the scammer to convince you to take measures quickly. Scammers can be very convincing, because they seem to know a lot about you. The information they have on you was often obtained through data breaches or a phishing scam. If you don’t trust it, don’t give out your details, don’t transfer any money, and report the suspicious call to us.