Preventing fraud

It goes without saying that we take the necessary security measures and ensure that you can do your banking securely. Even so, it is important that you know what you should and should not do. We have summarised this for you below.

What you can expect from us

  • We share our knowledge and experience, with parties such as other banks and the police.
  • We take down websites that pose as ABN AMRO and send out fake emails.
  • We try to get stolen money back.
  • We close accounts belonging to fraudsters.
  • We try to identify unusual payments.
  • We work together with other banks to keep you informed.

What you can do

About the 5 security rules

The 5 security rules

  1. Always keep your security codes secret.
  2. Make sure that your debit card is never used by anyone else.
  3. Make sure that the device you use to do your banking is secure.
  4. Check your current account.
  5. Report any incidents to the bank immediately and follow the bank’s instructions

Important information

If a A fraudster is a criminal who tries to steal someone’s money or other valuable property by deceiving the person. Fraud and theft are punishable offences. has got hold of your money, report the fraud to us.

  • You are guaranteed your money back in the event of phishing if you stick to the 5 security rules.
  • If you have transferred money to the fraudster yourself, we are unfortunately unable to give you compensation.