abnamro.nl is changing

We are working to improve our services to you step by step. This is why you will regularly come across both small and big changes on our website, in Internet Banking and in the Mobile Banking app. This page provides more information about the changes we are making.

The way you log in to Internet Banking is changing

New: logging in using a QR code

You can now also log in to Internet Banking with a QR-code, meaning that you won’t need your e.dentifier. It’s simple. Open the Mobile Banking app on your mobile phone and scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen.

The identification code is being discontinued

From mid-September, you can no longer log in to Internet Banking using your identification code. You can continue to use your identification code, however, in the Mobile Banking app.

The e.dentifier can still be used

You can still log in using the e.dentifier if you prefer. If you use the Mobile Banking app, try logging in with a QR code. Your phone will then work as an e.dentifier.


Questions about the changes

When you use the QR code to log in to Internet Banking, you no longer need to use the e.dentifier. If you use your identification code, however, you sometimes still need to confirm the transaction with your e.dentifier.

You can log in using a QR code on devices with the Mobile Banking app version 10.44.1 or higher installed. If you have an older version of the app, see whether you can update to the latest version. Find out how to do this.

No, this is not possible. When you use the QR code to log in to Internet Banking, you first need to scan the QR code shown on the log-in screen and then enter your identification code to confirm. It is therefore not possible for someone to log in by just scanning the QR code with your phone.

Also make sure to enable security features on your phone. A screen lock will ensure that you are the only person who can unlock the screen using a code, pattern or your fingerprint. More tips on secure mobile banking.

From 14 September, under the new EU PSD2 is a new European directive for payment services. The most significant change is that you will be able to give a company or organisation access to your current accounts. (PSD2), we are obliged to use ‘Strong Customer Authentication’, meaning an additional check to verify your identity. Once this comes into effect, you will only be able to log in using a combination of two out of the three categories:

  • Something you know (your identification code)
  • Something you have (your phone or e.dentifier)
  • Something you are (your fingerprint or Face ID)

When you install the Mobile Banking app, you first need to register your phone. The identification code you use to log in is then linked to your phone, which provides the additional verification method, satisfying the PSD2 requirements.

When you log in to Internet Banking with just your identification code, however, there is no additional verification step. Since this method will no longer satisfy the legal requirements, we have no choice but to discontinue this.

Most of your banking can be done without using the e.dentifier. You only need the e.dentifier if the total amount of your transactions for the day exceeds your daily limit. You will also need it occasionally when you have to officially ‘sign’ something.

Give us your feedback

If you have any questions about logging in with a QR code, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know by clicking the feedback button on the right.