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Accessibility for everyone


ABN AMRO feels that it is important that everyone is able to independently manage their banking matters by themselves. Products and services must be straightforward and accessible for everyone. We continually strive to accommodate our customers' wishes. That is why we regularly consult with organisations for people with disabilities and interest groups for consumers and small-to-medium sized businesses. Examples of products and services developed thanks to this type of collaboration are shown below.

  • Internet Banking and the ABN AMRO app
  • Text Message Balance service - for viewing your current balance via text message

  • Texts in the ABN AMRO app are edited based on research conducted together with interest groups for people with low literacy skills
  • The font on the website can be enlarged using the latest browsers

  • Screen reading feature in the ABN AMRO app (TalkBack for Android and VoiceOver for iOS), including support for braille terminals
  • Enhanced accessibility of bank branches


Accessibility of online banking

We work every day to make our website, Internet Banking and the ABN AMRO app even more accessible and user-friendly. With help from clients, we look into the bottlenecks and work on improvements.

Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking service on our website supports various browsers. If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, please don't hesitate to contact our telephone support help desk, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5.30 pm.

Internet Banking can be used with a screen reader that reads the on-screen text to you. Screen readers are installed on computers as standard and you can enable them in your settings. There are also special apps you can install, and you can adjust the font size and screen contrast in the settings. 

The Internet Banking layout and font size adapt to your screen size. You can make the image on your screen larger or smaller yourself in the browser settings or by pressing CTRL+ or CTRL- on your keyboard. Once you close the page, the settings will return to normal. 

The ABN AMRO app

The ABN AMRO app also supports screen readers. The screen reader is a standard tool on smartphones and tablets: VoiceOver for iOS/iPadOS and Talkback for Android. You can enable the screen reader yourself in your device’s settings. You can also link a braille reader to read the app using braille. 

If you turn your smartphone or tablet, the app will turn along with it. You can adjust the device’s font size in the settings. The text in the ABN AMRO app will then also become larger or smaller. Our texts are kept as simple as possible. We also take colour-blindness into account. The app uses a clear contrast and combines colour with icons. 

We are working to make the ABN AMRO app even more user-friendly when used with larger font sizes. We will also look into supporting an additional keyboard and other tools. 


More information

International Symbol of Access

The International Symbol of Access is a certification by the Dutch Council of the Chronically Ill and the Disabled. This symbol is issued to businesses whose offices comply with requirements for (amongst other aspects) accessibility so the elderly and handicapped can make use of their facilities, products and services. The International Symbol of Access was first assigned to ABN AMRO's branch in Amstelveen in July of 2005 as the first bank in Europe to receive such a designation.

National Forum on the Payment System

ABN AMRO has been a member of the National Forum on the Payment System since 2002. The Forum seeks to improve the efficiency of the retail payment system on a national Dutch and European level. Its members include the Dutch retailers organisation, banks and organisations for the physically and/or mentally challenged and the chronically ill. One of the initiatives of the Forum is the SEPA transfer, a standard that makes transfers to one of the euro countries just as easy as a domestic transfer. Further details are available on the Dutch central bank's website .

What does ABN AMRO do to facilitate access to abnamro.nl for people with a visual disability?

The website has been made accessible for people with a visual disability in many ways. ABN AMRO guarantees that people with a visual disability can continue to manage their banking matters in a familiar way. Furthermore, the information section of the website has been made accessible for this target group. ABN AMRO continues to further develop its website and will remain focused on the needs of people with a visual disability.