Current mortgage interest rate

Take a look at the current interest rates

bekijk onze actuele hypotheekrentes

Take a look at our interest rates

If you are looking for a mortgage with a competitive interest rate, be sure to take a look at our current rates.

Difference between a fixed and a variable rate of interest

Fixed interest rate

Your interest rate will stay the same for the period of time you agree with us, which can range from 1 to 30 years. This is what is known as the fixed-rate period. During this period, you will pay the same interest rate every month.

Variable interest rate

Your interest rate can go up or down every month. This means that you will not have certainty as to how much you will be paying every month.

Your mortgage interest rate

Your mortgage interest rate depends on the following:

  • Your mortgage product
  • Your mortgage type 
  • Fixed or variable interest rates  
  • The fixed-rate period
  • The mortgage loan amount compared to the value of your home

Changing your mortgage interest rate

You can easily arrange this yourself using Internet Banking, e.g. when:

  • Your fixed-rate period is about to expire
  • You want to take advantage of low interest rates
  • You want to fix your variable interest rate 
bekijk onze actuele hypotheekrentes

View your mortgage details

When is your fixed-rate period about to expire? And what have you already repaid? View the details of your current mortgage in My Mortgage.

Mortgage interest deduction

If you are eligible for mortgage interest deduction, you will receive a proportion of the mortgage interest you pay back from the Dutch tax authorities. How much exactly you will get back depends on your income. Read more about deductible interest.

Interest rate averaging

If you would like to benefit from the current lower mortgage interest rate, but do not wish to pay a penalty in a single lump sum, you may wish to consider interest rate averaging. You will then start a new fixed-rate period with a new interest rate. The penalty payable for this can be spread out over the new fixed-rate period, meaning that you will pay it in the form of an interest rate markup.

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Discount on our mortgage interest rate

You will get a 0.20% discount on your mortgage interest rate if:

  • Your salary is paid into an ABN AMRO current account
  • You buy a new-build or energy-efficient home
If you meet both conditions, you will receive a 0.4% discount on your interest rate.

Change your interest rate yourself

If your fixed-rate period is about to expire, you can choose your new mortgage interest rate. Do it yourself in My Mortgage on Internet Banking or in the Mobile Banking app.

Make an appointment

An orientation meeting is a free, no-obligations initial meeting with a mortgage adviser. During this meeting, we will go over your financial options with you.

Reasons for taking out a mortgage from ABN AMRO

Schedule your appointment

Schedule your appointment online: same-day service, if available.

Video conferencing with an adviser

Where and whenever you like. Use your computer, smartphone or laptop.

Making changes to your mortgage yourself

Your options range from changing your interest rate to making additional repayments. Just use the ABN AMRO online self-service.