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Managing your building fund account

Submitting invoices via Internet Banking; easy and convenient

If you want to look at the balance, interest or the term to maturity of your building fund account or see a list of the invoices you have submitted online, just log on to your personal secure Internet Banking environment to view your building fund account. You can also use Internet Banking to submit an invoice.


Don't you have a building fund account yet?

If you want to buy a new-build, renovate your current home or increase the energy efficiency of your current home and you do not have a building fund account yet, we recommend that you read the general information about our building fund account.

Don't you have Internet Banking yet?

If you do not have access to Internet Banking and you want to look at your building fund online or make a change, we recommend that you apply for Internet Banking first.

Which invoices do I pay from my building fund account?

You use your building fund account to pay invoices for the renovation of your home, for installing energy-efficiency upgrades in your home or for your new-build home. You have made arrangements with the bank about this in a renovation plan. If you use your building fund account for a new-build, you have made arrangements about paying instalments and/or list of contract extras. Please let us know if any amounts are subject to change.

When will ABN AMRO pay an invoice?

If your invoice has been submitted correctly, it takes up to five business days for it to be processed. After it has been approved, the amount will be transferred to you. You can track the status of your invoices in the ‘My Mortgage’ environment in Internet Banking.

Who do we transfer the payment to?

  • Building fund account for renovation or energy-efficiency upgrades   
    We pay the invoices to you. You proceed to pay the contractor or the supplier yourself.
  • Building fund account for a new-build  
    We pay the instalments and the invoices for contract extras directly to the contractor. This means you do not need to pay these yourself. You are expected to pay invoices from other suppliers to them yourself. You submit the invoice to us first in both cases.

Building fund accounts and self-builds

Once you have used up 50% of your building fund account, your account will be subjected to an interim inspection. An inspection report must be drawn up by a valuer. Your building fund account will be temporarily blocked until the inspection report has been approved.

What is the term to maturity of a building fund account?

A building fund account is active for 18 months. We will send you a letter notifying you of the expiry of your building fund account three months before it falls due. If so required, you can fill in the ‘Renewal/termination of building fund account’ form to renew your building fund account for six months. During the six-month renewal, we will no longer pay you any interest on your building fund account. Please send the form to:

Postbus 547
3800 AM Amersfoort
The Netherlands

Frequently asked questions about a building fund account

If your building fund account is empty or the term has expired, your home construction account will end automatically. Do you want to stop your building fund account in the meantime? You can easily do this in your 'My Mortgage' environment in Internet Banking or via the Mobile Banking app. You can also use the ‘Renewal/termination of building fund account form and indicate that the renovation has been completed.

During the term of the building fund account for a new-build, we will debit a monthly amount from your account. This amount is for repayments and/or interest. We subtract the interest you owe from the interest we pay you every month in arrears. The more you withdraw, the less interest we pay you. The amount of interest we debit each month increases as a result. If the amount that is debited changes, we will give you advance notice of the amount that will be debited next. 

Worked example:

Your monthly expense is € 600. Of this, € 525 is for interest and € 75 is for repayments. We pay you € 400 in interest on your building fund account. You will then owe us € 525 - € 400 = € 125 in interest. The amount we will debit from your account is € 75 + € 125 = € 200. 

During the term to maturity of the building fund account, we debit the full monthly instalment for your loan from your bank account every month. The interest we owe you on the building fund account will be paid into the building fund account.
You owe interest from the day your mortgage becomes available. The first collection usually does not take place on the first business day of the following month. Say that your mortgage deed is executed on July 18. You will then first owe interest on 1 September. The amount in interest, and repayments if appropriate, will be due for the period from 18 July to 1 September. That is why the first monthly instalment tends to be a little higher. The interest we pay you on the building fund account will not be deducted until the second instalment is due. In this example, that would be on 1 October. We will pay you interest on the money in the building fund account from the moment your mortgage becomes available.
The remaining balance is paid out. We will send you a letter specifying the sum of the remainder and the amount paid out. You are expected to pay the excess amount of the invoice yourself.

Reasons for taking out a mortgage from ABN AMRO

Stay on top of your mortgage

Track your mortgage on Internet Banking or in the ABN AMRO app. It’s secure and easy.

Make changes to your mortgage yourself

From changing the interest rate to making additional repayments. Making changes to your mortgage couldn’t be easier. You can do it yourself online .

Videoconferencing with an adviser

Video Banking makes it easy. Simply use your computer, smartphone or laptop.