Mortgage advice via video banking

Mortgage advice where and whenever it suits you

Persoonlijk gesprek via Beeldbankieren

Mortgage consultation via your computer, tablet or smartphone

Are you looking for a new home and do you want to learn more about your mortgage options? We can offer you a video-based mortgage consultation from the comfort of your own home within 24 hours. We are available during evening hours and on weekends too. 

Just like a mortgage consultation at one of our branches, an initial consultation is free and without obligation.

Mortgage consultation

It is important that you choose the right mortgage for you. That is why you need to know what your options are in the way of mortgage types and the interest rates that go with them. You can start by scheduling an initial mortgage consultation with us; it is free and without obligation. You can take out a mortgage with or without seeking our advice. If you decide to seek our advice, you can schedule an appointment at one of our branches or make a video banking appointment.

What is video banking?

  • You have a personal video conference with an adviser
  • You can use your computer, smartphone or laptop
  • You share the required documents via a link on your screen Safe, convenient and within 24 hours 
  • Do you bank with ABN AMRO already? Schedule your appointment online .
video banking: how does it work

How does video banking work?

  1. You schedule an appointment 
  2. We will send you an email listing the documents you need during the consultation 
  3. One hour before your appointment, you will receive an email from us explaining how to start the meeting through Internet Banking or the online waiting room.
  4. You will receive a link to a secure environment where you can share information with the adviser 
  5. The free initial consultation will be held at the agreed time

Reasons for taking out a mortgage from ABN AMRO

Personalised mortgage

Get a personalised mortgage that suits your individual situation. Exactly as you want it.

Videoconferencing with an adviser

Video Banking makes it easy. Simply use your computer, smartphone or laptop.

Contact with adviser

Our advisors are always on hand to help you. And we provide information in English.