Sending in your documents

This is how it works

If you are going to close a loan, we need you to deliver documents. You can read which documents those are in the email you will receive from us after your request. Here you can read how to easily send in the requested documents to us.

Sending in your documents in 3 steps

  1. Check and sign

    Credit agreement 

    • Print the credit agreement 
    • Check if all data is correct 
    • Make sure all applicants of the loan sign the credit agreement
    SEPA mandate
    • Print the SPEA mandate
    • Check if all data is correct
    • Enter the IBAN number form which you want us to collect your monthly payment 
    • Make sure all applicants of the loan sign the SEPA mandate
  2. Collect and send in

    • Check and sign the requested documents 
    • Make a digital (PDF) copy of every document 
    • Send in all pages 
    • Make sure every copy is well readable and do not cross out information! 
    • Mention your application number on every document 
    • Check here whether your documents meet all requirements
    • Mail your documents to:
  3. Payout of your loan

    • When your document meet the requirements, you will receive a confirm 
    • We will then transfer your money immediately

Not yet a customer at ABN AMRO?

Then we check your identity details before the loan is paid out. If your nationality is within the EU, you do not have to come to the office for this, we will come to you. In case your nationality is outside the EU we kindly ask you to identify yourself in one of our office branches. If everything is fine, you will receive the money in your bank account after 5 working days at the latest.