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Competitive interest rates on our loans

Which loan is right for you?

Our loans come with competitive interest rates. The conditions are good too, so no surprises. You have the room you need to live with the loan that is right for you. Find out what this means for you.

All loan products

Privélimiet Plus

  • The Privélimiet Plus (Personal Credit Line Plus) allows you to have a negative balance on your bank account. This way, you will always have money available in your bank account, for example to buy your groceries.

  • Being overdrawn, up to a sensible limit. This overdraft limit is set at a minimum of €500 and a maximum equal to your net income.

  • You will only pay interest on the overdrawn amount.

  • Easily check your account balance using the balance app.


Flexibel Krediet

  • With Flexibel Krediet (Flexible Credit) you will always have funds at your disposal for unexpected expenses. The amount which you can spend depends on your personal situation. Together we will negotiate a suitable limit for you. This amount will be between € 2,500 and € 75,000.

  • Always have extra funds available in a separate account.

  • Free debit card with which you can make payments and withdraw money worldwide.

  • The repayments you make can be withdrawn again later.


Persoonlijke Lening

  • A Persoonlijke Lening (Personal Loan) is ideal if you need a large, one-time sum of money. For example, for a car or a washing machine. The amount you can borrow depends on your personal situation. This amount will be between € 2,500 and € 75,000.

  • The interest rate depends on your personal situation.

  • You will receive the amount in one lump sum.

  • You will pay back a fixed amount each month.

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