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Open a Dutch bank account

  • Current account with debit card
  • Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Optional savings account

To become a client, please call our Expat Appointment Desk on +31 (0)20 343 44 22 (Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm, closed on Saturday and Sunday) or email us at appointmentdesk.internationals@nl.abnamro.com.

Why choose ABN AMRO?

International Clients Desk

ABN AMRO has special staff with years of experience helping You are considered an expat if you are a knowledge migrant living in the Netherlands for at least 3 months. Your gross monthly wage is at least €2,300 (for those under 30 years of age) or at least €2,900 (if you are over 30 years old). in the Netherlands. The advisers can help you with everything you will run into as an expat.

We speak 25 languages

All of the expat advisers at the International Clients Desk are fluent in English. But we can also help you in one of the 25 other languages that we speak.

Banking from everywhere

With Internet Banking, you can transfer money from anywhere in the world. In English. And our Mobile Banking app is available in English, German and Spanish.

What can we do for you?


Even if you don't plan to be in the Netherlands forever, buying a home may be an attractive option. During our free events we will give you all the information you need.


The Dutch insurance system is probably different than back home. The right insurance can save you a lot of trouble. We offer 24/7 assistance if you need to make a claim.


Once you've become a client, you can expand your current account with a free savings account of your choice. 

Meet our experts

The experts at our International Clients Desk are more than happy to answer all your banking questions. We can help you find your way financially in the Netherlands. Our experts provide full service and support. Feel free to contact us.


Building a better future

Building a better future

Our products and services affect millions of lives, and we are always looking for ways to make things better. Whether by advancing the transition to a circular or sustainable economy, or by helping newcomers on the housing market to borrow the funds they need: we are helping to build a better future.

Trusted, professional, ambitious

Trusted, professional, ambitious

We at ABN AMRO believe trust is all about establishing and maintaining lasting relationships. We genuinely believe in our profession and take responsibility by saying “no” if saying “yes” would not do right by you. And our optimism about the future drives our ambition to offer you more.

Long and rich history

Long and rich history

ABN AMRO has a long and rich history dating back to 1720. In 1991, Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) and AMRO Bank agreed to merge to create ABN AMRO. ABN AMRO is one of the biggest banks in the Netherlands and is the proud main sponsor of the Rotterdam World Tennis Tournament.

Free apps

Free apps

Mobiel Bankieren app

Mobile Banking app

Mobile banking at just the touch of your finger. Our app lets you check your current balance, deposit money and more.



Grip helps you keep track of all your expenses and even lets you tag them accordingly.



Going Dutch after a dinner? No worries, because Tikkie makes it easy for you to split the bill with your friends and coworkers!