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Good reasons to have liability insurance


Each country has its own legislation on liability, which explains why hardly anyone in the UK has liability insurance, but almost everyone in the Netherlands does. Read on to find out more about this type of insurance and why it’s a good idea for you too.

Liability insurance explained

Being liable means you are held responsible for damage you have caused to another person or his or her possessions, when this was accidental. In the Netherlands, you can be required by law to cover the financial consequences. Liability insurance covers this statutory obligation to reimburse the costs in many cases for you and your co-insured parties. 

Damage covered

Liability insurance generally covers damage you’ve caused yourself, as long as it wasn’t deliberate. For example, if you drop your colleague’s phone. You are also generally insured for damage caused by your child or pet, for instance, if your daughter is playing football in the street and breaks a shop window.

Good reasons to have liability insurance

Liability insurance is not compulsory for private individuals, but it is a good idea. The costs of a claim can be huge, especially if a person has been injured. This would normally leave you with a debt, but liability insurance prevents that and also protects the victim.

What you need to bear in mind with liability insurance

Make sure the insured amount is not too low. In cases of serious injury in particular, you could be held legally liable for very large amounts, so it’s a good idea to get cover for a least €1.25 million. You should also opt for a low excess, or none at all. This often only costs a little extra.

Read more about ABN AMRO liability insurance. This is also where you will find the terms and conditions and information on what exactly you are and are not insured for. Be sure to check out our other insurance policies too, because if you take out 3 or more policies, you will qualify for a 5% package discount. 

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