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Travel and coronavirus

What does my travel insurance and cancellation insurance cover?

Fortunately the time travelling wasn't possible due to the coronavirus is over. We have put together a list of the most important questions about how the virus affected of still affects your travel and cancellation insurance policies. If you have any questions about the coronavirus pandemic and legal expenses insurance, please see our page on coronavirus and your rights.


Is it a good idea to take out travel insurance now?

It is always a good idea to take out travel insurance when planning a trip. This insures you for a host of unforeseen circumstances, such as the theft of your luggage. Check the terms and conditions to see exactly what is covered. You can find more information about your insurance and the coronavirus below.

Coronavirus and travel insurance in the event of an orange or red classification

Whether you can go on holiday to a country designated code orange or red depends on the measures and travel advisory per area. The government of the Netherlands provides up-to-date information on all measures as well as foreign travel advisories (in Dutch).

This varies depending on the area and the code of the area in question. Your insurance provides coverage, as described in the terms and conditions, if you travel to a destination that is classified as green or yellow. In case of code orange due to the coronavirus, your insurance now also offers coverage. We do not recommend travelling to an area with code red or orange (other than due to the coronavirus). If you still decide to do this, neither your travel insurance nor your cancellation insurance will provide coverage.

  • Follow the instructions given by the local government and police.
  • Keep checking the latest travel advice from the  the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (in Dutch).
  • You can sign up for  the Ministry’s information service (in Dutch) to ensure you are always up to date on all travel advice. They will inform you of the local security situation and travel advisory.

Your insurance provides coverage if you stay in an area that is classified as green or yellow. Has your travel destination been classified as code orange? Then you are also insured and, for example, in the event of an infection, you will be reimbursed for the extra travel and/or accommodation costs. Please note that these costs are only covered if ABN AMRO Insurance gives prior permission to incur these costs.

In some areas there might still be measures in place to combat the coronavirus. As a tourist, you must comply with this, even if you have been vaccinated. Areas may impose travel restrictions on people coming from the Netherlands or travelling through another area. For example, you may have to go into quarantine when you arrive in an area. Make sure you are also aware of the rules that apply when travelling through another area before you reach your final destination. Don't want to go on holiday because of tightened local measures? These costs are not covered by your cancellation insurance.

Always check the travel advice on www.wijsopreis.nl or in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel app. The travel advisory will tell you whether your holiday destination is safe and whether travellers from the Netherlands have to go into quarantine or be tested.

Coronavirus and cancellation insurance

The coronavirus pandemic is not a valid reason for cancellation and is not covered. If you want to cancel your trip due to a travel advisory issued by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs or due to travel restrictions at your destination, please contact your travel company.

First of all, we wish you the best and hope that you recover soon. Your insurance provides coverage in the event that you, your spouse or partner and/or family members become seriously ill. A family member is a child, parent, grandchild, grandparent, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law or partner.

Your insurance does indeed cover illness caused by coronavirus, But only if you or a family member has been diagnosed with the virus by the GGD (Dutch Municipal Health Service) before departure and your travel destination has not been classified as code red. In some cases you will be able to rebook your trip. Please contact your travel company to discuss the possibilities.

Cancellation due to an entry ban is not covered. In some cases, you will be able to rebook your trip or obtain a refund from your travel company or airline. Your cancellation insurance will not cover you if the area of your destination imposes additional requirements on travellers from the Netherlands, such as mandatory quarantine on arrival.

Under European agreements, you are allowed to travel from red and dark red countries and/or areas if you have a coronavirus passport. A country may, however, impose additional measures, such as mandatory quarantine. This is not covered by your cancellation insurance. In some cases, it is possible to rebook your trip or obtain a refund from your travel company or airline.

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, use ARAG's Flight Claim, which is included with your legal expenses policy as standard. When you use the Flight Claim service, a lawyer from ARAG checks whether you are entitled to compensation. If you have the ‘Consumer and Home’ module, ARAG Flight Claim will take on your case free of charge and go to court on your behalf if necessary.

No, this is unfortunately not insured and is not a valid reason for cancellation. Please contact your travel company, tour operator, accommodation provider or transport operator to see whether you can rebook or receive a voucher.

Yes, it is a good idea to keep your cancellation insurance. That way, you will be properly insured if you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly due to a covered event, such as the death of an insured party or the loss of a permanent job.

No, this is not covered and is not a valid reason for cancellation. Please contact your travel company, tour operator, accommodation provider or transport operator.



In case of code green, yellow and orange (because of the coronavirus) you are insured for repatriation, but in practice we cannot guarantee this. Due to all the coronavirus measures, this may not be feasible. There are quarantine provisions and there is a risk of contamination. Relief organisations also depend on flights being permitted and the cooperation of governments.

Repatriation due to other conditions cannot also not be guaranteed at this time. An area can be placed on lockdown when there is a coronavirus outbreak. 

As travel advisories may change quickly, always check the travel advisory for your destination right before you leave.