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Insurance Switch Assistant

Let the Switch Assistant help you save on your insurances

Would you like to save on your insurances but are not looking forward to the hassle of switching? We can help you switch in three easy steps.

Step 1

Apply online
  • Apply for your insurance with ABN AMRO online. Choose the first day of the calendar month that is two months away from today as the start date. For example, if today is 20 September, choose 1 November as the start date. This prevents you from being doubly insured.

  • You will immediately receive a confirmation of your application by email.

  • If ABN AMRO Verzekeringen accepts your application, you will receive your policy in the post within three working days.

Step 2

Cancel your current insurance
  • Send a letter to your current insurance company informing them that you are cancelling your insurance on the date that your new insurance starts. We have written a sample letter that you can use. We have also compiled a list of the contact information of all insurance companies for you.

Step 3

Check the information
  • Check the confirmation letter from your current insurance company. If the end date of the insurance is the same as the start date of the insurance that you applied for with us, you don't have to do a thing. If the dates are not the same, call us on 0800 - 00 15. We will change the start date at no extra cost.

  • If you have not heard from your current insurance company two weeks before your insurance with us is due to start, contact them.

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