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Special offer: €60 cashback when you take out 3 insurances


When you take out three new personal ABN AMRO Schadeverzekeringen (non-life insurance policies ) for yourself between 3 April 2017 and 11 June 2017, you will be refunded an amount of €60 cashback. All three insurance policies have to be taken out within 30 days.


What you need to do

You need to take out at least three new personal ABN AMRO non-life insurance policies during the promotional period and within a period of 30 days. The three non-life insurance policies do not have to start on the same date. However, they do all have to start by 1 September 2017. You cannot cancel your existing ABN AMRO non-life insurance policies and then take out new ones or switch them to qualify for the €60 cashback promotion.


Which insurance policies qualify?

The following non-life insurance policies qualify for the temporary €60 cashback promotion:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Annual Travel insurance
  • Home Content Insurance
  • Valuables Insurance (including laptop cover)
  • Student Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
The ABN AMRO Short-term Travel Insurance and ABN AMRO Cancellation Insurance are excluded from this promotion. Also excluded are insurance policies you convert or adjust, cancel and then take out again.

ABN AMRO Student Insurance (including Home Contents Insurance and Liability Insurance) counts as 1 policy.


Other important information

You can enter this promotion only once. ABN AMRO reserves the right to change, extend or cancel the promotion at any time. ABN AMRO Bank N.V. will communicate any such decision. ABN AMRO will use the details you submit for the purposes of this promotion only and will not share them with third parties. There is no charge for participation in this promotion.

You will receive the €60 in the third month following the start date of first of the three insurance policies. This amount will be deposited into the ABN AMRO current account from which your insurance premiums are debited. So you will pay the premium first and then receive your €60 in your ABN AMRO current account.  

You will only be considered to have taken out an insurance policy after the insurance company has approved your application and provided you with the insurance policy requested. 

This promotion is being organised by ABN AMRO Bank N.V and ABN AMRO Schadeverzekering (ABN AMRO Schadeverzekering N.V., Grote Voort 247, 8041 BL in Zwolle, the Netherlands). ABN AMRO Schadeverzekering is the provider of personal ABN AMRO non-life insurance products. Your applications for these insurance policies are subject to their approval. ABN AMRO Schadeverzekering is a Delta Lloyd ABN AMRO Verzekeringen Holding B.V. subsidiary. ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is the intermediary and owns 49% of the shares in Delta Lloyd ABN AMRO Verzekeringen Holding B.V.


Do you have any questions about the promotion or about the insurance products?

If you have any questions about the promotion or one of the insurance products, please contact us by calling  0900 - 00 24. You can also visit


Are you not completely satisfied with this special offer?

If you are not satisfied with this special offer, please use our complaints form The site also provides information about our complaints procedure.