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Laptop Insurance (PC-Insurance)

Studenten met laptop in het park zijn goed verzekerd met de PC Verzekering

A day in the park with your laptop

PC Verzekering

  • Worldwide cover for your laptop and tablet

  • Covered for loss and damage you cause yourself

  • From €1.91/month*
Laptop met gebroken scherm

For damage you cause yourself

It's not until your computer, laptop or tablet breaks that you realize how much you depend on it. Don't take any risks. The PC Insurance (PC Verzekering) covers you for theft and damage even if you are at fault. And the purchase price is compensated in the first year.

Worldwide cover for your laptop and tablet

You use your laptop and/or tablet frequently on the train or take it with you on holidays, for example. The PC Insurance (PC Verzekering) gives you worldwide cover for your laptop or tablet for theft, damage and even loss. Exactly what you need when you take them with you.

iPad met wereldkaart

Easy to apply for

You can apply for a PC Insurance (PC Verzekering) for your computer, laptop or tablet if you have a Home Contents Insurance and/or  Student Package (for students living at home).

High customer satisfaction score of 8.1

ABN AMRO customers rate the handling of claims with 8.1.
(Customer satisfaction survey 2013 by MarketResponse)

* Example premium calculation based on the minimum premium of €1.91/month. You pay €2.53/month per sum insured of €1,000 for your mobile device, tablet and laptop and peripherals. You pay €1.52/month per sum insured of €1,000 for your desktop and peripherals.

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