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What is Legal Expenses Insurance?

Legal Expenses Insurance gives you access to legal assistance when you have a dispute. For example, a difference of opinion with your neighbour about the boundary partition or with the garage about the repair of your car. Or if you would like to appeal against a tax assessment. You are assisted by a team of independent professional legal experts at ARAG.

Who is it for?

Legal Expenses Insurance is for all of ABN AMRO's private customers who live in the Netherlands. An alternative to legal assistance is subsidized legal aid.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Legal Expenses Insurance (pdf, 363kB) .

Who is covered?

Your partner and children are included in the Legal Expenses Insurance policy. Even if your children are studying or living in student accommodation. If you are single, your premium will of course be lower.

What is covered?

You decide what you want to insure. You can choose from:

What is not covered?

You are not covered for disputes that:

  • arose before the insurance was taken out.

  • arose six months after you cancelled the insurance

  • are worth less than €150. These terms only apply to the 'Consumer and Home' module and does not apply to conflicts about personal injury.

    For a full overview, see the Terms and Conditions (pdf, 363kB).

Changing your cover

If you already have Legal Expenses Insurance, you can change it daily online. Note:If you would like to take out a new module but already have a dispute, that particular dispute is not covered.

Legal advice

If you are insured, you can always ask for legal advice, even if the issue you have is not actually covered. For advice, call ARAG at 033 - 43 42 470. Services include:

  • legal advice from an expert or agency, or a referral to one (free).

  • mediation between you and a person or agency (one-time mediation costs).

  • Referral to an external expert (reduced rate).


  • Premium
    Calculate online the premium for the Legal Expenses Insurance and other important insurances.

  • Discount
    The Legal Expenses Insurance is a package insurance. If you have several package insurances with ABN AMRO, you will receive a  package discount . The more package insurances you have, the higher the discount.  The discount is given across all your packages and can be as high as 5% . It pays to take out all your insurance with ABN AMRO. We pay back the discount once a year in arrear. The amount of the discount is paid into your account.

  • Policy fee
    You will receive one policy for all your insurances and will therefore pay the policy fee only once. The policy fee is €4.39  (including insurance premium tax).

  • Administration fees 
    If you have other insurances with ABN AMRO, you will not pay additional administration fees. If this is the first insurance you are buying from ABN AMRO, you will pay a administration fee of

    €0.69 (including 21% insurance premium tax)

     for the collection of the premium. The administration fee is paid together with the premium once a month or once a year. We debit the total amount for all of the insurances from your account at once.

  • Insurance premium tax
    You pay  21% over the premium and fees.

  • Excess
    There is no excess.

  • Personal contribution
    There is no personal contribution.

When does the insurance start?

The insurance starts after the insurer has accepted your application. You can choose the start date yourself.
Once the insurance has started, you can use your Legal Expenses Insurance if you have a dispute or expect a dispute to arise. You may not be having or expect to be having a dispute when you take out the Legal Expenses Insurance.

When can I cancel?

You can cancel your insurance at any time without stating a reason. 

Can I choose my own legal expert or lawyer?

Yes, but only after consulting with ARAG.

Legal requirement to be represented
Are you conducting legal proceedings that legally require you to be represented by a legal expert or solicitor? Talk to ARAG first and then choose your own legal expert or solicitor. ARAG will contact the legal expert/solicitor and pay the bills from that moment onward.

No legal requirement to be represented

Do you need legal assistance but are not legally required to be represented by a legal expert or solicitor? You can choose your own legal expert/solicitor or use one of the legal experts/solicitors appointed by ARAG.

  • If you are using a legal expert/solicitor appointed by ARAG all your costs will be reimbursed.

  • If you choose your own solicitor for a legal or administrative procedure and you are not legally required to be represented by a solicitor, up to €6,000 per event are covered. 

Report a dispute

Would you like to use your Legal Expenses Insurance? Call ARAG's service centre on 033 - 43 42 470.The number is open on working days from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ARAG provides legal assistance.

Note: Do not hire a solicitor yourself. Legal Expenses Insurance is a benefits in kind insurance. This means that the insurer provides legal assistance. You cannot hire a solicitor and submit the bill later for reimbursement.

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