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What is Home Insurance?

Home Insurance is ABN AMRO's buildings insurance policy. It protects your home against loss or damage caused by, for example, fire, burglary and storm.

Who is it for?

Home Insurance is interesting if:

  • you want to insure your home against fire, burglary and storm damage, for example.

  • you want to insure your home against all kinds of possible damage (comprehensive).

    To have this insurance, you need a current account with ABN AMRO. Insurance premiums will be paid from this account.

Terms and Conditions

What is insured?

You are covered for damage caused by:

  • Fire

  • Theft or attempted theft

  • Storm

  • Scorching

  • Lightening

  • Explosion

  • Airplanes

  • A falling tree, crane or aerial

  • Collision

    Glass is also covered.

    For full details of what is covered, please read the Terms and Conditions  (pdf, 352kB)(in Dutch).

What other costs can be reimbursed in addition to payments against loss or damage?

This home insurance can also reimburse you for additional costs. For these, you must first obtain authorisation from ABN AMRO Schadeverzekeringen N.V. 
Additional costs might be for:

  • Alternative accommodation;

  • Restoration of your garden. Please note: If the damage to your garden is caused by fire, lightning or explosion, we will not reimburse for the damage;

  • Demolition of your home and, if necessary, removal of debris;

  • Cleaning or removal of contaminated earth or water;

  • Emergency sanctions imposed by the government.

Compulsory excess

For water damage, there is a compulsory excess of € 225. 

There may be more than one compulsory excess that can apply, but never more than one will be deducted in the event of a claim.

  • Example 1: You suffer both storm damage and water damage. Only the compulsory excess for the cause of the damage is deducted from the overall reimbursement. So if the storm damage is the cause of the water damage, you have a compulsory excess of € 350.

  • Example 2: You have all-risks insurance and you suffer storm damage. This means only the compulsory excess of € 350 for storm damage is taken into account. The compulsory excess of € 100 for all-risks insurance is not counted.

Voluntary excess

You can also opt for a voluntary excess. This gives you a discount on the premium. You can opt for one of the following excesses:

  • €100

  • €250

  • €500

    Voluntary excess is added to any compulsory excess.

    For example: You have voluntary excess of € 100 and you suffer water damage. Water damage has a compulsory excess of € 225. Therefore, your total amount of excess is € 325.

Extensions to all-risks

You can easily upgrade your Home Insurance to all-risks cover, in which case your home will be covered against most cases of accidental loss or damage, for example damage to a wooden floor caused by a falling painting. Some instances, however, are not covered. Read the Terms and Conditions (pdf, 353kB) for more details of these. All-risks insurance has a compulsory excess of € 100.

Extension with glass-coverage

You can also extend your home insurance to glass coverage. Then you are also well insured against window breakages. Special glass, such as in a lead-glass window, is also covered.

Please note: Do you have all-risks home insurance? Then glass is already insured.

Extend: 10% higher compensation than the amount of the claim

If you have better cover, your compensation will be 10% higher than the amount of the claim. You can spend the additional 10% any way you want to. For example, on a more luxurious kitchen.

What is not insured?

Damage to your home caused by, for example, earthquake, flood or terrorism, is not covered. Damage as a result of normal use is also not covered.

For full details of what is not covered, please read the Terms and Conditions (pdf, 353kB).

Emergency Glass Repair

ABN AMRO's Emergency Glass Repair service means that your glazing will be repaired promptly and professionally. You will be contacted within 2 hours of submitting your claim to make an appointment for emergency repairs. Without you having to advance any of the costs.

Type of home

Do you live in a farmhouse, a canal house, a listed building or a house with a thatched roof? We can give you tailored advice. Call us on 0900 - 00 24.

Full protection against under-insurance

ABN AMRO provides full protection against under-insurance, as standard, i.e. the full cost of the damage to your home will be reimbursed. Note: some costs are subject to a maximum amount. For full details, please read the Terms and Conditions (pdf, 353kB).


  • Premium
    The premium depends on the objects you want to insure.

  • Discounts

    • Mortgage discount:

    Do you have a mortgage with ABN AMRO? Then you get a 10% on the premium. 

    When applying for home insurance, you can indicate that you have an ABN AMRO mortgage. You will then be shown the insurance premium minus the mortgage discount. If you have a home insurance policy without the mortgage discount and later decide to take out a mortgage with ABN AMRO, please call 0900 - 81 70 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). We will make sure the mortgage discount is applied from the next premium due date, meaning that you will then pay a lower premium.

    • Voluntary excess discount:

    If you choose for voluntary excess, you receive a discount on your premiums for: 

    - Extra extension or all-risks coverage 

    - The extension with 10% extra allowance

    The discount for voluntary excess is not applied to premiums for the extension of glass coverage. 

    • Package discount:

    The ABN AMRO Home Insurance is an insurance package. Have you more insurance packages with ABN AMRO? Then you can receive a package discount. The more package insurances you have, the bigger the discount. You can get a discount up to 5%. The amount of the discount is paid afterward into your account.

  • Policy fee
    You will receive one policy for all your insurances and will therefore pay the policy fee only once. The policy fee is €4.39 (including insurance premium tax). If you already have a package insurance, you will not pay the policy fee again.

  • Administration fees
    When you take out a policy with ABN AMRO for the first time, you will be charged an administration fee of

    €0.69 (including 21% insurance premium tax)

     in relation to collecting the premium. If you already have other ABN AMRO policies, you will not be charged an additional administration fee. Administration fees will be collected at the same time as the premium, i.e. monthly or annually. We will deduct the total amount for all policies from your account at the same time.

  • Insurance premium tax
    You must pay 21% insurance premium tax over the premium for the Home Insurance and the fees. This is reflected in your premium calculation.

When does the insurance start?

You determine whether you want the cover to start immediately or sometime in the future.

You don't agree? Send back the policy.
After you receive your policy, you have 14 days to cancel the insurance. Without having to pay anything. All you have to do is send back the policy within 14 days.

When does the insurance end?

It ends after one year and is automatically renewed for another year. You don't have to do anything and are always covered. You can cancel your insurance at any time at the end of the first year subject to a notice period of one month.

Submitting a claim

You can submit a claim for damage to your home online, in writing or by telephone.

More information

Change or cancel your insurance?

Would you like to change your insurance policy? Call 0900 - 00 24.
Would you like to cancel your insurance policy? Fill out the form (in Dutch).

When can I cancel?

You can cancel your insurance at any time without stating a reason.

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