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The Direct Claims Settlement (DCS)

Easy and rapid car damage settlement with your own insurer

Someone damaged your car? With the Direct Claims Settlement (DCS), you report the damage to your car to your own insurer. This saves you a lot of time and hassle.


Report damage quickly and easily

Has someone else damaged your car and do you have a Third-Party Liability Cover or Third-Party Liability + Limited Cover with ABN AMRO Verzekeringen? We will be happy to help you settle the car damage. You simply report the damage to us and we assess whether the damage qualifies for DCS. If that's the case, we will take care of the rest. We will contact the liable party's insurer on your behalf and submit the claim for damages. We will compensate you for the damage straight away.

two men look at car damage


The Direct Claims Settlement has several advantages for you:

  • You report damage to your own trusted insurer
  • Claims are settled faster and easier by us
  • You do not need to talk to the liable party

The Direct Claims Settlement scheme is not mandatory. You can still submit a claim to your legal expenses insurer or the liable party's insurer.

When does the Direct Claims Settlement apply?


The Direct Claims Settlement applies:

  • In the event of a collision involving a passenger car, insured on a private policy, with another motor vehicle
  • If the driver of the other motor vehicle is fully or partially liable for the collision
  • If both the passenger car and the other motor vehicle have a Dutch registration number registered with RDW (National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority)

The Direct Claims Settlement does not apply:

  • In the event of injury and death
  • If the liable party is unknown or uninsured
  • If it is unclear who is liable for the damage
  • If you do not have a valid Civil Liability (Motor Vehicles) Act insurance policy (WAM)
  • In the event of damage caused by the use of alcohol, drugs, medicines or other substances affecting the ability to drive, fraud or if the driver is not allowed to drive

Frequently Asked Questions

No, your insurance premium will not increase due to the Direct Claims Settlement. This is an extra service that all insurers provide to their policyholders who have car insurance with Third-Party Liability Cover or Third-Party Liability + Limited Cover.

No, the Direct Claims Settlement (DCS) scheme is not necessary if you have a Third-Party Liability + Comprehensive Cover (all-risk) policy. This is because the damage to your car caused by someone else will already be reimbursed by your own insurance company.

No, it is still advisable to have car legal expenses insurance. The Direct Claims Settlement does not apply in some cases, and in those cases you can use car legal expenses insurance. For example the legal help you need if you are dealing with personal injury or permanent disability. Or when you have a collision with a vehicle with a foreign registration number. In addition, car legal assistance is also useful if you have a conflict with a garage or brand dealer.

Unfortunately, the Direct Claims Settlement does not apply in this case. You can submit a claim for damages with the Dutch Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund (Waarborgfonds Motorverkeer). The Guarantee Fund helps those who have incurred damage caused by an unknown or uninsured offender. Before submitting your claim, check the conditions that your claim has to meet.