Tax return 2021

Your tax return 2021

It’s time again to complete your tax return, which you will need to do between 1 March and 1 May 2022. If you have requested or received a postponement (extension), you have more time to submit your tax return. Check the information that has automatically been entered on your return carefully and make additions or changes where necessary. Don’t forget to download your Annual Statement.

How to complete your tax return

Step 1: Preparing your tax return

Be sure to have all the documents and information you’ll need to hand, like your Annual Statement from the bank, the annual income statement from your employer(s) or pension provider(s) and your property value (that’s to say the municipal assessment of what your home is worth; WOZ-waarde in Dutch).

Step 2: Claim the deductions

What do you need to be aware of when completing your tax return? A lot of people forget to check their tax return carefully. Which deductions can you claim?’s to say the municipal assessment of what your home is worth; WOZ-waarde in Dutch).

Step 3:Check your tax return

Do you need to change something in your pre-filled tax return or add some information? Or perhaps there was a significant change in your personal situation in 2021. What often goes wrong when filing a tax return?

Questions about the tax return

Did you know that many taxpayers are expected to submit their income tax returns to the Tax and Customs Administration before 1 May 2022, especially if they still need to pay additional income tax for 2021. By filing their return early, they avoid having to pay at least 4% tax interest to the Tax and Customs Administration in addition to the income tax amount. 

An alternative is to request a provisional income tax assessment for the amount still payable from the Tax and Customs Administration as soon as possible. If the tax assessment for 2021 is dated later than June 2022, you will also need to pay tax interest.

The Tax and Customs Administration has already filled in many details on your income tax return for 2021. It is important that you check these details carefully. If any changes or additions need to be made, let the Tax and Customs Administration know by filing a new tax return online.

You may be entitled to a prompt payment discount from the Tax and Customs Administration in certain cases if you pay the entire income tax amount owed in one go before the first payment date. Be aware, though, that in 2022 this applies to provisional income tax assessments for 2022 (which you can also pay in instalments) and not, for instance, to the income tax assessment for 2021, which you only receive after filing your tax return for that year.

Fraudsters regularly send letters or messages by WhatsApp, text message or email claiming to be the Tax and Customs Administration. While it appears as though these are sent by the Tax and Customs Administration, this is not always the case. 

If you are unsure whether a message has been sent by the Tax and Customs Administration:

  • Log in to your personal tax account on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration:   Mijn Belastingdienst .
  • If the message is shown on there, you can be certain that the Tax and Customs Administration sent it. 
  • If you plan to transfer funds to the Tax and Customs Administration, always check the bank account number against the bank account numbers on this list.
  • The Tax and Customs Administration will never ask you to share your personal details or transfer money by email, WhatsApp or text message or via a link. 

Ensure you know the 5 security rules. You can read more about secure banking on this page.

2021 Annual Statement

Your Annual Statement for 2021 will be available in Internet Banking or in the app by no later than 15 February 2022. We will notify you by Bankmail when your Annual Statement is ready for download.

Tax breaks for home-owners

If you own your own home, you can take advantage of a tax break by deducting mortgage interest from your taxable income, for instance. You can often deduct the costs associated with the purchase of your home from your taxable income in Box 1 on the tax return.

The information on our website about submitting your tax return applies to people who are liable for tax in the Netherlands . If you have not received an ‘aangiftebrief’ (notice of obligation to submit a tax return), or do not know whether you need to submit a tax return, check with the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst).