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Graduated? What's next?

Things to take care of after finishing your studies

You’ve just graduated from your studies. Congratulations! Now you’ve got your degree or diploma, a new stage in your life is starting. Maybe you’re going to continue your studies or go travelling. Or you might be about to start your first real job. Whatever your plans, there are a few things you need to take care of to wrap up your student days smoothly. We have listed the most important things for you.

  1. Deregister from your college or university

    Use Studielink to confirm that you have finished your studies. Your deregistration will apply from the first calendar day of the following month. Be sure to have your DigiD at hand. Please note that your deregistration date is not the date on which you received your degree or diploma. If you have a diploma from a secondary vocational level course (MBO), you will need to deregister from your college, rather than using the link above.

    If you are going to continue your studies, enter your new course on Studielink.

  2. Cancel your student grant/loan or allowance

    Deregister with DUO . Your student grant/loan or allowance will be cancelled from the first calendar day of the following month. If you don’t deregister on time, your loan and public transport season ticket will continue and you will have to pay them back later.

  3. Cancel your student travel product

    If you are no longer entitled to your student travel product, you will need to cancel it yourself in good time. Check the student travel product site to find out how. Be sure to cancel the product no later than the 10th of the first month in which you are no longer entitled to it. If you cancel the product too late, you will be charged €75 per half calendar month in the first month, and then €150 per half calendar month.

    Tip: several public transport companies, such as NS, will temporarily offer you an extra discount after you have cancelled your student travel product.

  4. Claim your tuition fees back

    If you have deregistered before 1 May, you can claim part of your tuition fees back. Check with DUO to find out how.

  5. Check your student debt

    Check with DUO to find out how much student debt you have. You will need to start paying it back when you've finished your studies. You don’t have to during the first two years, but you can if you are able. And be sure to do that, as you will still be charged interested in this period. If you have finished your studies within 10 years of starting your course, you do not need to pay back your public transport season ticket and any additional grant you have received, unless you drop out in the first year of your course. In that case, you may be able to benefit from the .

  6. Check your benefits

    As a student, you are almost always entitled to health-care benefits and sometimes also to housing benefits. When you get a job and your income increases, you may no longer be entitled to these benefits, and if you receive too much, you will always have to pay it back. Check with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration whether you are still entitled to benefits and let them know your new income within 4 weeks of graduating.

  7. Convert your Student Package

    It’s easy to convert your Student Package to the Basic Payment Package, and you will be able to keep the same account number. Just like with your Student Package, you will get a debit card and access to Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Later, you can add a credit card to the package.

  8. Stay well insured

    Your student insurance is no longer valid after you’ve finished your studies, so be sure to take out new home contents and liability insurance. Call us on 0900 - 00 24 (usual call charges apply) to convert your student insurance into new policies.

  9. Come and see us

    If you have any other questions, such as whether it’s better to rent or buy, save or invest, or you’re wondering whether you need to take care of anything else, we would be happy to help you. Make a Video Banking appointment, from the comfort of your own home.