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Managing your banking after graduating

If you’ve finished your studies, you’ll need to make some choices. Maybe you’ve already got your eye on your first real dream job, or you’re going off on a big trip first. Although they’re not as exciting, your finances are just as important, so remember to convert your student products. If you’re not sure which things you need to take care of, let us help you.


Your current account

Be sure to convert your Student Package to the Basic Payment Package, so you can keep managing your banking easily and securely online. Simply use our Mobile Banking app to make the conversion. Your account number, card and Internet Banking will remain the same.

Other changes in your Student Package

  • If you have a savings account as part of your Student Package, it will remain unchanged. If you don’t yet have a savings account, you can easily open one online.
  • If you have student insurance, it will no longer be valid after you graduate. Make sure you stay well insured by converting your policy to standard home contents and liability insurance policies.