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Sports & Entertainment Desk

Not a typical customer, not a typical life

You have worked your way to the top with dedication and professionalism, and now thousands of spectators enjoy your skills on the sports field or on stage.

You are often under tremendous pressure to perform

And so you make sure that your interests are taken care of by a team that you can trust. We would like to be part of that team. 

We develop tailor-made services for the financial issues which arise during your career, after your career and in your personal life.

We understand how unique your career is

  • Because no two top careers are ever the same
  • Because your income may vary from year to year
  • Because managing your assets needs tailor-made services
  • Because your career can suddenly take an unexpected turn

Experience and involvement in your career

Our many years of close involvement with the sports and entertainment industries has led us to create the service you deserve: the Sports & Entertainment Desk.

One point of contact, just for you

Your personal, professional and financial circumstances are all interlinked. Our personal approach means that you have unlimited and easy access (as simple as a single phone call) to our services and to your relationship manager.

One point of contact, anytime and anywhere

The ABN AMRO Sports & Entertainment Desk is your sole point of contact for all your financial affairs, including your daily banking. Anytime and anywhere.

Listen, understand, take action

A financial plan aims at achieving your long-term objectives. Over the course of time this plan is modified in response to changes in the financial markets and in your personal circumstances.

Investment service

The financial world is complex and constantly changing
The right decisions must be made on the basis of the right information, so it is great if you can entrust your financial affairs to an expert. An expert who knows your situation and has a complete overview of the market, and who has access to timely and relevant information in order to respond immediately to changing circumstances.

Financial training

Do you understand what your financial advisers tell you?
How do you know whether you're making the right choices? Are you sure your current income will be enough to maintain your standard of living? The Sports & Entertainment Desk offers a crash course in financial products and services. The basic principles that you need to know as an athlete or an entertainer.

Legal services

Your finances must be tailored to your needs and goals
In an analysis of your current financial situation, things such as international planning and taxation are important issues. For instance, structuring your assets in a legal entity may be an efficient solution. By setting up a charitable foundation or similar body, for example, you can help talented children to follow in your footsteps and turn their dreams into reality.

The Sports & Entertainment Desk is not for everyone

The Sports & Entertainment Desk works with, among others, athletes, coaches, actors, musicians, models, television presenters, producers and directors, agents and managers at every stage of their careers.

Who are we for?

Our service is primarily aimed at those with assets for investment of at least € 50,000, or with an annual income of € 100,000 or more.

But we are also happy to take on athletes and performing artists who do not meet these criteria yet and are under contract to agents, clubs or other professional sports and entertainment companies.

That's why you should choose the Sports & Entertainment Desk

Your personal situation and unique career need tailor-made financial solutions.

  • One point of contact, just for you

  • An international network, should your career take you abroad

  • Peace of mind, because you know your finances and privacy are in good hands

  • A sound financial plan, because naturally you want to maintain your current standard of living

  • Advice and service for the next stages of your career or your retirement


Would you like to know more about the Sports & Entertainment Desk? Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

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