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How to recognize Dutch people

Like any other country, the Dutch have their own habits. Getting used to them might take some time. Get a head start on learning about a few typical traits.

Getting to grips with Dutch

You might find the Dutch language tricky, but you’ll probably also think it’s funny. Words like 'gezellig' and 'lekker' are used in a range of different contexts and are rather hard to translate. The Dutch word for 'discount' ('korting') is another important one, because the Dutch tend to mind their money.

Dutch cuisine

When you think of typical Dutch food, 'stamppot' will probably spring to mind first. But the Dutch are also fond of fried food, often having chips instead of other potato dishes. And don't forget 'kroketten' and 'bitterballen'.

Chocolate for breakfast!

A typical Dutch breakfast consists of bread with chocolate sprinkles or cheese. And a glass of milk, of course. Lunch is usually more or less the same. If you think that’s boring, make sure you try the traditional treacle waffles called 'stroopwafels'.

Tag! You're it!

Going Dutch might take some getting used to, but it comes natural for the Dutch themselves, as they like to just pay their own share. Thanks to the Tikkie app, you can easily send a payment request over WhatsApp, so you don’t need to mess about with account numbers.

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