Extra savings options

Save as you wish

Saving is difficult enough, so we are making it as easy as possible for you. Do you have a clear goal in mind? Are you trying to put some money aside for emergencies? Or, do you just not want to spend all your income every month? With the following savings options, you can quickly take steps in the right direction.


Save with every purchase

PIN-saving makes saving almost automatic. With every payment using your debit card, a percentage of the purchase amount is transferred to your savings account.

Spaar Deposito

Fixed rate saving

Do you want to know exactly what your savings will be worth in 5 or 10 years' time? If so, you can opt for a savings deposit with a fixed interest rate. Keep in mind that interest rates are currently very low.

Automatisch Sparen

Save with the greatest ease

Saving is a question of taking action. Activate Automatic Saving and you automatically set aside a fixed amount per day, week, month or quarter. This enables you to achieve your goal without a worry.

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Save with a target

If you have an account with ABN AMRO, you can set a savings target via the ABN AMRO app. This enables you to see how far you are from your savings target.