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Direct Quarterly Savings

Sparen met een bonusrente per kwartaal: Direct Kwartaal Sparen

Saving with a bonus interest every quarter

Direct Kwartaal Sparen

  • Receive an additional bonus interest rate for funds deposited during a quarter

  • 24/7 access to your savings
  • Open an account online within minutes


Interest rate up to 1.30%

With a Direct Quarterly Savings account (Direct Kwartaal Sparen) you will receive a basic interest rate of 1.10%. Moreover, if your deposits remain in the account until the end of a quarter, you will receive an extra 0.20% of additional bonus interest on top of the basic rate! This also applies to funds which you deposit into the account in the course of that quarter. The stated interest rate is the effective rate on an annual basis.

Open your savings account online

Why not start saving immediately? You can open a Direct Quarterly Savings account (Direct Kwartaal Sparen) in just 2 minutes through Internet Banking.

Withdraw money at any time

With the Direct Quarterly Savings account (Direct Kwartaal Sparen), your funds will not be locked away. You can withdraw money at all times, free of charge, whenever and however often you wish. If you do not want to miss out on the additional bonus interest rate, however, then leave your money in the account until the end of a quarter.

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