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Investment Savings Account

Flexibel sparen voor beleggers

Flexible savings account for investors

Beleggers Spaarrekening

  • Save and invest with one account
  • Interest rate for your investment yield
  • 0.03%  interest

Beleggers Spaarrekening

0.03%  interest up to EUR 1,200,000

You will earn 0.03% interest on the whole amount saved. This is the annual equivalent rate.

Interest on your yield

Have you sold some of your investments? With an Investment Savings Account (Beleggers Spaarrekening), you earn interest on your yield. You don't have to transfer your yield to your savings account in order to get the higher interest.

Save and invest with one account

The Investment Savings Account (Beleggers Spaarrekening) enables you to invest your savings. Investment orders are placed using Internet Banking. If you sell an investment, you will receive interest on the yield.

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Save automatically

Sparen zonder dat u er omkijken naar heeft

Make saving easy with Automatic Savings. All you have to do is set up one order to save automatically and set aside a nice sum without even noticing.