Automatic Savings
How to do it

Automatic Savings

An easy way to reach your target

Automatic Savings

  • Save regularly
  • Set your own target
  • Fixed in 2 minutes

How to do it

1. Log into Internet Banking and click on 'new transfer’
2. Fill in an amount 
3. Select your savings account at 'to account'

4. Select ‘standing’ 
5. Set the interval between payments 
6. Click on 'continue' when you have finished

Save a fixed amount

Would you like to set aside a fixed amount of money every week, month or quarter without having to lift a finger? Automatic Savings might be just what you're looking for. All you need is a standing order in Internet Banking. Everything else happens automatically. If you do not want to transfer money into your savings account in a given month, simply skip it.

Changing your amount

Would you like to change the amount you're setting aside or skip a month? You can easily change your standing order yourself.

Saving a variable amount

A standing order can also specify the amount of money you would like to have in your current account at the end of the month. If the balance is higher than the specified amount, the difference is transferred to your savings account.

Ending a standing order

With Automatic Savings, you determine when you want to set money aside. You can delete your standing order whenever you like. Or give it an end date to stop it automatically.