Want to see your transactions or your new balance?

Instant notification thanks to our free payment alerts

If you are expecting an amount to be debited from or credited to your account or if you want to know when your balance changes, simply set up payment alerts in the Mobile Banking app. You will then get a message on your mobile phone right away.

    • Alerts sent through the app are free of charge
    • Also for your child’s current account
    • Set up without using the e.dentifier

How to set up payment alerts

  1. Log in to the Mobile Banking app
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Push notifications’
  3. Enable ‘Push notifications’
  4. Select an account
  5. Set up your alerts

Start using payment alerts

Instant notification

You'll receive an alert on your phone instantly when an amount is debited or credited.

No need to check your account balances

Never wonder about the balances on your accounts. You will get a message on your mobile phone right away.

Alert for your child's current account

Get an alert when your child makes a withdrawal or transfer.