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Downloading bank statements and transactions

With Internet Banking and Banking with the ABN AMRO app, it’s easy to download your bank statements and your transactions. If you don't have Internet Banking or you can't find your statement, please contact us.

What statement do you need?


Bank statements and summaries

  • Statements from 2004 onwards
  • Your address included
  • Available for downloading in pdf format 

Transaction statements

  • Transactions from as far as 18 months back
  • Your address not included
  • Available for downloading in multiple file types (pdf, txt, mt940, xls or camt.053)

How does it work?


Downloading bank statements and summaries

You can download bank statements that include your address from 2004 onwards. Follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to Internet Banking or the ABN AMRO app.
  2. Go to ‘Self service’ > ‘Download statements and summaries’. 
  3. Select the account holder, the account number and choose the type of statement you want to download.
  4. Click ‘More options’ if you want to select by period.
  5. Choose the statement or summary on the right side of your screen and click ‘Download’.
  6. Save the pdf onto your computer and open it.

Downloading transactions

You can download transactions from as far as 18 months back. These statements don’t include your address. How to download your transactions:
  1. Log in to Internet Banking .
  2. Go to ‘Self service’.
  3. Click on ‘Download transactions’.
  4. Select the correct account, period and format (pdf, txt, mt940, xls, or camt.053).
  5. Click ‘Download’. 
  6. Save the file.

Frequently asked questions

Transactions may not show up on your statement if you’ve chosen a Saturday or Sunday as the end date. Transactions conducted on that Saturday and Sunday will then not be included in the statement. If you want those transactions to show up on your statement, you should choose the next business day as the end date.
Yes, you can. You decide whether to download a single transaction or multiple transactions.
Your bank statement may be delayed in the mail. We recommend that you wait a few days before contacting us. You can view your bank statement online if you want. To do so, just log in to Internet Banking