U bent succesvol uitgelogd.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that says something about you. The best known forms of personal data are your name, address, email address, age and date of birth. Personal data also includes your bank account number, your phone number, your IP address and your citizen service number (BSN).

Special categories of personal data

There are several special categories of personal data. These include data concerning your health. as well as biometric data, such as fingerprints or data used for facial recognition. We may only use this personal data if this is permitted by law or if you give your explicit consent for this. In all other situations, we are prohibited from using this personal data.

Personal data relating to you that we obtained from others

Imagine that your partner applies for a loan in both your names. In that case, we may use the personal data that we request in relation to you, and in some situations we are in fact required to do this. We may also decide to use personal data obtained from other sources, such as: 

  • Public and other registers that contain your personal data, such as the National Credit Register and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Public sources such as newspapers, the internet and public sections of social media accounts. We do this because, among other things, we need to be able to investigate fraud and other forms of crime.
  • Monitoring and compliance relating to sanctions legislation.
  • Data files from other parties that have collected information about you, such as external marketing firms or credit agencies. We use this information where this is permitted by law.