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Sanctions measures foreign countries

Sanctions are measures of the international community against a violation or threat to international peace and security. They are a way to change the behaviour of a country or government. They can apply to a country, an organization or a person.


These measures include amongst others: 

  • financial restrictions (loans, payments, letters of credit) 
  • general or specific trade restrictions (import and export bans) 
  • arms embargoes 
  • restrictions on admission (visa or travel bans)

Which sanctioning regimes can apply?

ABN AMRO adheres to international sanctioning regimes, including the sanctions regulations of the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the United States (US). In addition, ABN AMRO also adheres to local sanction regulations of countries in which the bank operates. 

ABN AMRO also has its own sanctions policy. This means that in some cases the bank applies a stricter policy than external sanction regulations require. We make this policy on the basis of our own risk analysis. 

As a customer you may encounter sanctions when you transfer money to or receive money from a person or company in a country that is subject to sanctions.

For which countries does ABN AMRO currently apply sanctions policy?

At the moment ABN AMRO has a stricter policy regarding trade with the countries below. Are you trading or are you going to trade with one of these countries? Then we ask you to always contact the bank in advance. We can then inform you about the (im)possibilities to carry out transactions for you. You limit the risk that we will not execute your transaction on the basis of legal or internal provisions. Regularly check the ABN AMRO website and the authorities such as the UN, EU and US. You will then be sure that you have the most up-to-date information. 

Additional restrictive measures are currently in force on these countries:

Country ISO Countrycode
Cuba CU
Iran IR
North Korea KP
Syrië SY


Do you have questions about ABN AMRO sanction measures? Contact your adviser or via 0900 - 00 24.