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Your personal data

We handle your personal data with the utmost care

If you're an ABN AMRO customer, we use your name and address, for example, but also things like your IP address. Of course, we don't use your personal data for any old reason. There are strict rules for what we can and can't do, and we stick to these rules. Read on to find out how.

Who is this privacy statement intended for?

ABN AMRO's privacy statement has been updated. Want to know who is responsible for your personal data and who the statement is for?

Personal data is data that says something about you

The most common forms of personal data are your name, address, email address, age and date of birth. But your bank account, phone number, IP address and burgerservicenummer (BSN) are also forms of personal data.

When we use your personal data

Of course, we can't use or ask for your data for any old reason. We can only do this for specific purposes. For example, we need your personal data to draw up and retain your contract, but also to ensure that you bank securely with us. We ask for and process your personal data to enable us to do this.

Consent to use of your personal data

In most cases, you aren't required to give consent for the use of your personal data. This may be, for example, because we need your personal data to perform the agreement we have with you, or because we are legally required to use your data as a means of guaranteeing security. The law states when we are required to ask your consent. 

What we use your personal data for

We use your personal data when we have a legitimate reason for doing so - for example, to draw up the agreements you enter into with us. We also use your personal data for research purposes, to enable us to investigate potential trends and risks and to improve our products, as well as to send you tips and offers.

Other parties using your personal data

In some situations, we have to share your personal data with third parties. These third parties are individuals or authorities involved in our services, such as regulators or the tax authorities. If you transfer funds to another bank, your personal data will of course also be shared with this bank. This is unavoidable.

Your data for direct marketing

If you are an ABN AMRO customer, we like to send you relevant offers. These include, for example, offers for a savings account if you haven't yet opened one with us.


We use profiling in some situations, for example, to combat fraud, to control certain risks and when accepting customers and products.

The security of your personal data

It goes without saying that we do everything we can to store and use your personal data as securely as possible. This is why we invest in our systems, procedures and people.

How we determine for how long we store your personal data

We store your personal data for as long as is required, for the tax authorities for example.

Your rights in relation to your personal data

What are your rights in relation to your personal data and what do they entail?

More information

Please email us at privacy.office@nl.abnamro.com. We will be happy to help you.


Download the full privacy statement

If you want to save or print our privacy statement, you can download the full document as well as the glossary

Changes to the law or to our products and services can affect the way we use your personal data. If so, we will update our privacy statement and notify you on our website or in the app.

Frequently asked questions

The Privacy Statement is for customers who have purchased or are considering purchasing an ABN AMRO product or service. For instance, they may be in discussions regarding the purchasing of a product or service, are seeking information or visit the website. The Privacy Statement is also relevant, for example, if you are acting as guarantor for one of our customers. More information is provided in the Privacy statement.

If you are an ABN AMRO supplier, the Privacy Statement is relevant to you if ABN AMRO provides you with access to customers’ personal data. In this case, we will conclude a processor agreement with you in which we will set out conditions enabling you to comply with privacy regulations.

Yes, use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes is a legitimate ABN AMRO interest. You do always have the right to object. For every commercial message you receive, you can indicate that you no longer wish to receive such messages. You can also change your privacy settings in Internet Banking. Find out more about your rights.