About this privacy statement

This privacy statement sets out how we handle your personal data. You can be confident that we handle your personal data with due care.

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. and your personal data

In the case of some of the bank's apps or websites, the use of your personal data may differ from that described in this privacy statement. In such cases, a different privacy statement is provided in the app or additional information is given in the specific online service. We want you to be are aware of this in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

Who is this privacy intended for?

Are you a client of ours or have you shown an interest in a specific product, for example by applying for one of such products? If so, we use your personal data and this privacy statement applies to you. If you visit our website or use one of our apps, we will also use your personal data in those situations. 

It is also possible that we process personal data relating to individuals who do not have a contract with us, for example when we record and use personal data relating to contact persons at companies to which we provide services, shareholders of these companies, or ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of these companies. We may also process personal data relating to individuals who, for example, act as surety for our clients. 

To enable payments to be made, we process personal data relating to individuals with whom we do not have a contract. Examples of such personal data include the details of someone to whom you transfer money and whose account is with another bank. 

If you are one of these people, then this privacy statement is intended for you too.

Our contact person for your questions about data protection

We have a designated Data Protection Officer. The Data Protection Officer monitors the application of, and compliance with, the GDPR within ABN AMRO. The privacy statement states that you can put questions about the use of your personal data to the Privacy Office in a number of specific cases. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please send an email to privacy.office@nl.abnamro.com.

Who is responsible for your personal data?

The controller of your personal data is: ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Do you want to read this privacy statement at another time?

You can save our privacy statement  and glossary of key terms on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can also send a copy (in PDF format) to your email address.

Changes to the privacy statement

Changes to the law or our services and products may affect the way in which we use your personal data. If this happens, we will make changes to the privacy statement and notify you of these changes. We will post any changes on our website or in the app.

Do you have a complaint?

Please write to privacy.office@nl.abnamro.com if you have any questions about this privacy statement. We will be happy to be of assistance. If you do not agree with the way in which we handle your personal data, you can lodge a complaint with the Complaints Management department. You also have the right to file your complaint with the  Dutch Data Protection Authority.