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Your personal data and ABN AMRO

Our privacy statement explains how we handle personal data. You can easily request the personal data we have on file for you.

Requesting your personal data using Internet Banking

If you would like to change your personal details, such as your home address or email address, or if you would like to subscribe to or unsubscribe from tips or relevant offers, you can easily do so using Internet Banking.

Exercising your rights as a customer

Our privacy statement explains which rights you have in relation to your personal data and what exactly these rights entail. To exercise these rights, please complete and submit our customer rights form using the steps given below.

  1. You are an ABN AMRO customer and use Internet Banking? 
    Log in to Internet Banking . The form will already be partially completed.
  2. You are not (or no longer) an ABN AMRO customer or do not use Internet Banking? 
    Complete the form
  3. Enter the remaining information and click the ‘Send’ button. 

You will receive a reply within 30 days.