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Reasons for the changes

We are working continuously to improve our services to you step by step, which is why you will regularly come across both small and big changes on our website, in Internet Banking and in the Mobile Banking app. On this page, we will keep you up to date on all the changes. You can also take a look at the frequently asked questions below.


actueelInformation about the changes to our website will only be announced on We will never contact you about this by phone, email, WhatsApp or through social media.

What has changed in Internet Banking?

De menubalk bovenaan ziet er anders uit

The menu bar at the top of the screen looks different

The Internet Banking menu bar is now much clearer: we have made it wider and it now has green letters. You will also notice that some things have changed position. For example, the logout button is now in the top right next to your name and photo.

Inloggen in het vernieuwde Internet Bankieren

Different log-in screen

You will now be shown all the ways you can log on in a single, clear overview:
  • with the dark green e.dentifier
  • with the 'old' transparent e.dentifier
  • with your identification code.

Hetzelfde gemak op computer en mobiel

The same ease-of-use on your computer and on your mobile

With the new Internet Banking platform, it doesn't make a difference whether you do your banking on your computer or your mobile — everything will adapt to whatever device you use. Even if you are redirected from the Mobile Banking app to the browser, when notifying us of a change of address, for instance. Very convenient!

Opgefrist design voor onze pagina's

New design for our pages

Step by step, we’re giving our pages a brand new look and feel. The pages now have a clearer layout, are mobile-friendly, and we’ve also used a bigger font to make the information more accessible for people with a visual impairment.

Give us your feedback

Internet Banking is being updated step by step. We are currently updating the most frequently used featured, such as transfers, and we are still hard at work updating many other features. We realise that not  everything works as well as it should at the moment, but a solution is often available. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below to see if you can find a solution to your problem. If your question is not includd in this section, please send us your comments or suggestions by clicking the 'feedback' button. This will help us to improve Internet Banking more quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Customer questions about the updated Internet Banking platform

  • Where can I find scheduled payments or standing orders?

    If you have scheduled any payments or standing orders yourself, you can take the following steps to see which will be debited from your account shortly:
    • Log in to Internet Banking.
    • Choose the account for which you would like to view payments.
    • Click or tap 'Transactions' on the grey bar.
    • A menu containing four items will open.
    • Select 'Scheduled and standing'.

  • How can I search for information on when I am logged in?

    Before you log in, you will see a green menu bar at the top of every page on our website, but you will no longer see it once you have logged in. We have removed the green menu bar because Internet Banking has its own menu. Many customers find this much clearer. If you are logged in and want to search for information on our website, you will need to log out or click the

  • How can I print transactions?

    Some customers see an empty page when they click Ctrl+P to print transactions. We are working on a solution for this. In the meantime, there is another way you can print transactions:

    • Click the transaction you want to print and then click ‘Print transaction’. Only the details for this specific transfer will be printed.
    • To print multiple transactions, take the following steps:
      - Go to 'Tools > Download > Transactions'.
      - Tick the relevant account. 
      - Select a period. 
      - Select the format 'PDF'. Your transactions will be listed in a clear overview that is suitable for printing. 
      - Click 'OK' 
      - Save the PDF.
      - Open and print the PDF.
  • Why is my payment not displayed in my list of transactions?

    Sometimes a payment order cannot be processed for example, if there were insufficient funds in your account at the time of the transfer. A payment may also take longer to process, for example, if you are transferring funds to a foreign account. You can see if your payment has been rejected or is still being processed by taking the following steps:
    • Log in to Internet Banking.
    • Choose the account for which you would like to view payments.
    • Click or tap 'Transactions' on the grey bar.
    • A menu containing four items will open.
    • Choose 'In progress and rejected'.

  • Why do I sometimes still see old Internet Banking screens?

    Internet Banking is being updated step by step. We are currently updating the most frequently used features, such as transfers. We are still hard at work updating many other features, such as things you might want to arrange under 'Tools' or 'Manage'. In this case, a message will be displayed informing you that you are about to be taken to an Internet Banking page that has not yet been updated.

  • Why does the button in the pop-up sometimes not work?

    Sometimes a message will be displayed in INternet Banking asking if you want to open a new page. To continue, you need to allow pop-ups from in your browser. You can search how to do this by pressing F1. This will open your browser's help screen.

  • Why does copy and paste sometimes not work?

    Sometimes pasting a copied amount or payment reference does not work very well, for example, if the copied item contains spaces. Unfortunately, this is an inconvenient error in the updated pages. We are working hard to find a solution so you can copy and paste again without problems in no time.

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