Naar de navigatie Naar de inhoud is changing

Reasons for the changes

Our website is getting a new look! We are making these changes because we are working continually to improve our services. Not all at once, but gradually. You will therefore see changes on our website more often in the near future. We will of course inform you in advance of any changes so that you know what's happening.


actueelInformation about the changes to our website will only be announced on We will never contact you about this by phone, email, WhatsApp or through social media.

What has been updated?

If you've ever used Internet Banking on your tablet or mobile, you might have noticed that this didn't always work quite as smoothly as, for example, the Mobile Banking app. We wanted this to be better, which is why we have updated Internet Banking. It will no longer make a difference whether you do your banking on your computer or your tablet: everything will work and look the same. Read on to find out what changes to expect.

Inloggen in het vernieuwde Internet Bankieren

Different log-in screen

You will now be shown all the ways you can log on in a single, clear overview:
  • with the dark green e.dentifier
  • with the 'old' transparent e.dentifier
  • with your identification code.

Geen groene menubalk meer in Internet Bankieren

No more green menu bar after log-in

Many of our customers find it confusing that there are two menu bars in Internet Banking. So, we have decided to get rid of the green menu bar. If you want to search for information on our website, you will need to log out, or you can click the < link.

Hetzelfde gemak op computer en mobiel

The same ease-of-use on your computer and on your mobile

With the new Internet Banking platform, it doesn't make a difference whether you do your banking on your computer or your mobile — everything will adapt to whatever device you use. Even if you are redirected from the Mobile Banking app to the browser, when notifying us of a change of address, for instance. Very convenient!

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