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Your new main menu

Our website is getting a new look! Not all at once, but gradually. The first thing we have changed is the most important part for you: a new main menu, to help you quickly find what you are looking for. The new main menu will be displayed automatically when you visit Find out what has changed in the main menu and why we have made the changes that we did.

Why a new main menu?

We have a substantial website with lots of information about a broad range of topics. Many customers have informed us that information was sometimes hard to find. That needed to change of course! We have listened to your feedback and changed our menu to make it simpler and easier to use, reducing the number of menu items from 11 to just 4.

Voorbeeld van nieuw hoofdmenu ABN AMRO

This is what it looks like

  • Just 4 menu items instead of 11.
  • The menu expands automatically.
  • See immediately what most people are looking for.


4 menu items instead of 11

The green menu bar only includes these items:

  • Home
  • Products
  • Internet and Mobile
  • Contact

See immediately what most people are looking for

Selecting the 'Products' item for instance, will automatically expand the menu. It will immediately show what most customers are looking for. This differs from product to product, of course, and you will see different results when hovering the mouse over 'Payments & Creditcards', 'Savings', 'Investments', 'Mortgages', 'Future income', 'Loans' or 'Insurance'.

What else will change?

We are always working to improve our services. You will therefore see changes on our website more often in the near future. This also applies to Internet Banking. We will of course inform you in advance of any changes so that you know what's happening.

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