Apply online

You can take out or apply for a product directly online on our website. It is important that you know how the product works. The things you should look out for are summarised below.


Read the product information

Some products come with additional product information, such as a financial information leaflet and/or a financial services document.

Product information is not the same as advice

The product information provides mainly general information and is not tailored to your personal situation. It is therefore not personal advice. Whenever any information we provide is personal advice, we will let you know. If you would like to receive personal advice, you can request an adviser to consider your financial situation and future plans together with you. This will ensure that you receive the best possible advice for your personal situation. For more information, contact us. 

How to apply for a product online

  1. Enter the requested details

    • If you would like to make changes while completing your details, you can easily switch pages. The details that you have filled in, will be saved.
    • If you want to cancel your application but have not yet fully completed it, your details will not be saved.
    • If you have completed all the details, you usually can specify that you would like to return to your request later. Your details are then saved for 30 days.
  2. Review the details

    • When buying a product directly, you will see a summary of your application after you have entered all the required details. Please check the summary and adjust the details where necessary.
    • When you are applying for a product and are presented with an agreement, you need to make sure to check it before accepting it and adjust the details where necessary.
  3. Submit your application

    Click on 'Send’ to apply for or buy a product. You will receive a confirmation email explaining what will happen next.

  4. Save the product terms and conditions

    One of the pages will show the product terms and conditions. You can save or print the terms and conditions.


You changed your mind about the product

You can cancel the agreement within a specific time frame:

  • within 30 days when taking out life insurance;
  • within 14 days for any other product.

Unless otherwise stated in the agreement, cancelling the agreement is free of charge. It is not possible to cancel the purchase of an investment product.

How to cancel an agreement

In Dutch

The agreement is written in Dutch and unless stated otherwise, Dutch law applies. Any messages we send you will also be in Dutch, unless we inform you otherwise.

Information about ABN AMRO

Make sure you also read the information about About ABN AMRO. Here you will find more information about us and our procedure regarding complaints and disputes. We supply the products. If we only act as an intermediary for a product, this is stated in the product information.