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Well insured in the Netherlands

The Dutch love their insurances

If you are moving to the Netherlands, you will need Dutch insurance. Insurance is relatively cheap in the Netherlands and protects you against unexpected and sometimes very high costs. The Dutch have an average of eight insurances per person, five of which are damage insurances. Which insurances should you have? Read more on how to quickly and easily take out insurance. We are happy to help.

Why take out insurance?

The facts

Why is it sensible to have insurance? A few examples*:

  • There are about 250 burglaries a day.

  • There are some 300 home fires a day.

  • Insurance companies pay out over €6,000 a day to cover the damage caused by a home fire.

  • On average, a home fire costs €2,000.

  • Some 16,000 cars are stolen every year.

  • There are just under 100,000 car accidents every year.

  • Out of a total of 18 million bicycles, 1 million are stolen every year.

* In the Netherlands

Must-have insurances

Insurance Percentage of Dutch*
Health Insurance (compulsory!) 100%
Liability Insurance (private) 99%
Home Contents Insurance 97%
Annual Travel Insurance 50%

Car Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

100% (compulsory for car owners)

97% (of home owners)

* in the Netherlands

Our seven must-have insurances

'Do it like the Dutch'. If you do it like the Dutch, you can look forward to a carefree and pleasant stay in the Netherlands. Our insurances are easy to take out online. You will get a discount on almost every insurance if your take out more than three general insurances. Take a look at the list of must-have insurances.

Compulsory: Health insurance

Everyone who lives in the Netherlands must have health insurance. This insurance covers the costs that you incur for medical treatments and devices. Like a visit to the doctor or dentist.


Most of the Dutch have liability insurance. Nice to have if you break something that belongs to your neighbour or colleague. A good insurance only costs a few euro a month. Nice aside: you can also insure damage your children do.

Home Contents

Home contents insurance covers you against damage to or the loss of your household goods. This is a good insurance to have if you consider that there are some 250 burglaries and 300 home fires every day. It's also a good insurance to have if you're renting. Because it's easy to spill coffee on your tablet. An expensive endeavour considering that a home contents insurance costs around €10 a month.

Did you know that you can also take out worldwide insurance for your iPad and laptop? You can take out PC insurance with your home contents insurance. Nice that you don't have to worry about the devices you take with you.

Legal Insurance

A legal dispute can happen at any time. For example, over your employment terms, a road accident, or the renovation of a home. Most people don’t have the experience required to handle a dispute on their own, and a lawyer can quickly become unaffordable. That's why half of the Dutch have legal expenses insurance. For as little as €15 a month you can avoid unnecessary expenses if you do need legal assistance.

Travel Insurance

Many of the Dutch have a travel insurance. This insurance is very affordable compared with the cost of a stolen camera or lost luggage.

Car Insurance

Third-party liability insurance is compulsory for car owners. This insurance covers damage that you do to other people or objects. Damage to your own car is not covered. Basic third-party liability insurance is usually taken out for cars older than 10 years, but you can also opt for comprehensive cover.

Homeowners Insurance

What if your home is heavily damaged by a fire or storm? Homeowners insurance covers damage to your home that is caused by 'force majeure'. Such as damage to the roof and outer walls. This is why homeowners think that this insurance is just as important as home contents insurance. Most mortgage lenders have made this a compulsory insurance.

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