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Mortgage Explanation Principles

Buying a new home can be daunting, which is why it’s a good idea to be well prepared. The rapid mortgage calculation is a rough estimate of the amount of mortgage you could apply for. 

If you want to continue, we can carry out a more detailed mortgage calculation. This gives an idea of the costs involved in buying a house. No rights may be derived from this calculation.


The rapid mortgage calculation is a calculation of your maximum mortgage based on your income. In our calculation we assume the following: 

  • a permanent employment contract
  • no debts - no previous or current owned home
  • a budget mortgage
  • a 30-year annuity mortgage
  • client discount of 0.20% on the interest rate
  • a fixed-rate period of 10 years
  • the NHG rate if the mortgage is under the NHG mortgage limit.

The detailed mortgage calculation is a calculation of your maximum mortgage based on your income, any debts or loans, and the house you intend to buy. In our calculation we assume the following:

  • an ABN AMRO Annuïteiten Woning Hypotheek annuity mortgage with a 30-year term. If you opt for a different type of mortgage, the monthly payment will change; 
  • a fixed-rate period of 10 years with the corresponding interest rate at the moment. This rate is subject to change.
  • If you want a longer or shorter fixed-rate period, the maximum mortgage amount will be lower; 
  • an ABN AMRO customer discount of 0.20%. We assume that you either already have a current account with us or will open one. This will give you a discount on the mortgage interest, provided that your salary is paid into an ABN AMRO account.

Mortgages under  € 435,000 are calculated using the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) interest rate.

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Own funds always needed (purchasing costs)

You can borrow up to a maximum of 100% of a property’s value, so you will always need to pay estate agent and notary fees and property transfer tax yourself.

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No mortgage advice

This calculation is not the same as advice (for tax or other purposes), it is merely a simplified illustration of your potential new mortgage. We recommend that you contact a tax or mortgage adviser to discuss your personal circumstances.

Net monthly payment

The amount displayed here is the net amount that you will pay for the first month of your mortgage. The monthly payment will increase slightly each month, as the interest you pay decreases gradually with an annuity mortgage. This is because the interest amount you can deduct from your income decreases each month, which causes your net monthly payment to increase. The calculation takes into account your imputed income from home ownership based on an estimate of the value for the purposes of the Dutch Valuation of Immovable Property Act (“WOZ-waarde”), the gross monthly interest and, if applicable, the lower interest amount you can deduct from your income if you pay tax in the highest bracket.


Saving your calculation

You can save your calculation(s) securely in your personal environment, for future reference or to change them later. Your details will only be used in your personal environment and cannot be viewed by other people. The calculation(s) will be deleted automatically three months after your last log-in. You can also delete them yourself whenever you like. When you log in again, the calculation is refreshed based on the latest calculation method. This means your calculation is always up to date. The following can affect the results of the calculation:

  • A new interest rate
  • The fees
  • Changes to legislation.

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