The ABN AMRO app is secure

Facts and myths

Secure banking with the app

Is the ABN AMRO app secure? Of course. Otherwise we would not make it available. However, we take all concerns seriously. That is why we have summarised the facts and myths for you. Did you know that there have been no cases of fraud with a banking app?

Know these myths? We'll tell you how it is

Myth 1 about the ABN AMRO app

Myth 1: 'Other apps can look at my ABN AMRO app.'

Not true. Just like Internet Banking, the ABN AMRO app is a completely closed environment. Your app cannot be accessed by other apps, companies and individuals.

Myth 2 about the ABN AMRO app

Myth 2: 'If I lose my telephone, anyone can access my banking.'

Also incorrect. You set your own personal code for your ABN AMRO app. Only you know that code. Want to log in using your fingerprint or facial recognition? You can set this up on most devices.

Myth 3 about the ABN AMRO app

Myth 3: 'Banking apps are easy to hack'.

Nope. The Dutch Payments Association (Betaalvereniging Nederland) says that no Dutch banking app has ever been hacked. ABN AMRO updates its security every two weeks. You can automatically download the latest version of the app.

Test your knowledge about banking apps

Test your knowledge of banking apps

How much do you know about banking apps? Take the banking app test at . In the test, you are presented with several statements. You will also receive further information on secure banking on your telephone.

What if I lose my telephone?

What if I lose my telephone?

You can take immediate action. In Internet Banking, go to Settings and delete the registration for the device you have lost. That way, your data will be secure.