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Confirm with the ABN AMRO app

Sending orders from your mobile device

If you have the ABN AMRO app on your phone, you can send your orders in Internet Banking by scanning a QR code.

Mobile confirmation - how it works

  1. Send order

    • Enter your order in Internet Banking
    • Choose ‘Confirm with a QR code’
    Confirm QR code in Internet Banking
  2. Scan QR code

    • Take your phone and open the ABN AMRO app
    • Tap the QR scanner in the top left-hand corner
    • In Internet Banking, click on the QR icon: a QR code will appear
    • Scan the QR code using the app
  3. Confirm order

    • Continue in the ABN AMRO app
    • Check your order
    • Tap ‘Confirm’ and confirm the order using your identification code, facial recognition or fingerprint.
  4. Log out and complete

    • Tap 'Close' to finish. You are now finished in the app and can continue in Internet Banking. 
    • Your order has been sent. Internet Banking automatically returns to your account statement. Or to your ‘Task list’, if there are still orders there.