Mobile confirmation

Sending orders from your mobile device without your e.dentifier

If you have the ABN AMRO app on your telephone, you can send orders in Internet Banking by logging in to the ABN AMRO app and using your telephone instead of the e.dentifier.

Mobile confirmation - how it works

  1. Send order

    • Create and fill in your order on Internet Banking
    • Select the mobile confirmation icon to send the order
    • Click ‘Next’
    Mobiel bevestigen
  2. Log in

    Log in to the ABN AMRO app on your telephone.
  3. Confirm order

    • Check your order
    • Everything OK?
    • Tap ‘Confirm’ and confirm the order using your identification code or fingerprint.
  4. Log out and complete

    • Tap ‘Close’ to log out from the app
    • Your order has been sent. You will automatically be taken back to the account overview in Internet Banking, or to your ‘Task list’ if it contains any other orders