Are you sure you need one?

Did you know you can do nearly all your banking without an e.dentifier, even if you use Internet Banking? Try it for yourself and log in using a QR code.

How to log in using a QR code

Logging in using a QR code

QR code


No need to enter or copy codes

QR code


A QR code is the only code you’ll never forget



The ABN AMRO app is linked to your phone and your account

Banking without e.dentifier

Logging in to Internet Banking

If you log in using a QR code, you use your phone rather than your e.dentifier. Go to the ABN AMRO app and scan the QR code in Internet Banking.

Sending a payment instruction

Do you want to send a payment instruction in Internet Banking without using an e.dentifier? All you have to do is log in to the ABN AMRO app.