U bent succesvol uitgelogd.

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Assured of a good trip

Even if you are well prepared, your holiday may not always go as planned. Make sure that you are well insured during your trip and check on a regular basis whether your travel insurance cover still fits your situation and your needs.

Annual travel insurance

If you go on holiday more than twice a year, it could be more beneficial to take out our annual travel insurance. This means you will not have to take out travel insurance every time you go on holiday, as you will be covered all year round for an unlimited number of holidays. You can choose the cover you want, for example worldwide cover or insurance covering cancellation, medical costs or roadside assistance in Europe. You therefore only insure what you really need.

Short-term travel insurance

This policy will cover theft and loss of your luggage during your holiday. It will also insure you against unexpected costs incurred due to an accident or illness. A separate short-term travel insurance policy needs to be taken out for each trip.

Short-term cancellation insurance

Short-term cancellation insurance needs to be taken out for each trip. This policy covers all or part of the costs of your trip if you need to cancel your trip or return home earlier than planned. It also insures you against delays if you travel for more than three days and your airplane, bus, train or ship has been delayed for more than eight hours.

Travelling with children?

Travelling with children comes with it's own set of challenges, so it is a good idea to check your cover if you are planning to travel with children. You might want to consider adding medical costs to your policy, for example. Or taking out cancellation cover. If you have recently become a parent, be sure to change your insurance policies to reflect changes in your family situation.

Travelling with your tablet or smartphone?

Tablets or smartphones are often carried in your hand luggage. If you have ABN AMRO annual travel insurance, these items will be covered in part. You can also insure them through the personal possessions cover linked to your home contents insurance. An excess of €100 per trip applies.

Travelling by car

With the additional cover breakdown assistance, you can get alternative transport or have your car repaired if it breaks down during your trip. Our car legal expenses insurance provides legal assistance when a traffic-related conflict occurs. Both these insurance policies form part of our car insurance.

Legal expenses insurance

Suppose you rent a car while on holiday and collide with another vehicle. If you apply for the ‘Traffic’ module of ABN AMRO’s legal expenses insurance, we will take care of things for you. Disagreements about holiday accommodation and bookings are also covered.