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New additions to the family

A new addition to the family and your insurance

We all know a lot changes when a baby arrives. But which insurance policies do you need to arrange for your child?

Travel insurance

It is easy to add your child to your annual travel insurance policy: all you need to do is let us know that your family situation has changed. And perhaps review your insurance cover while you’re at it. The unexpected can happen while on holiday too, so you might want to consider adding medical costs to your policy, for example.

Liability insurance

Accidents do happen, especially with small children. Make sure your child is also covered by your liability insurance. If you opt for a voluntary excess for your child, your premium will be lower.

Term life insurance

It is an unpleasant topic, yet it is important to have your affairs in order in the event of the death of your partner or yourself. If you take out term life insurance, your surviving relatives will receive a one-off amount, which they could use to pay off part or all of their debt or a mortgage.

Funeral insurance

If you have funeral insurance, it may be a good idea to add your child to the policy.

Car insurance

You will probably not be driving on your own much anymore, so it might be a good idea to take out car passenger accident insurance on top of your car insurance. This insurance pays out a pre-agreed amount in the event of permanent physical injury or worse.

Is your child going to college?

When your child starts studying, he or she will have to take out certain insurances themselves. For some insurances, children who are studying and living away from home are still co-insured.